We are in times of rapid and profound changes; we may be confused by the many news, tips, conflicting opinions. The rapid transformations can be but also opportunities, if you know the catch instead of remaining stuck in the past.
I agree with those who think that the medicine must now adapt to the new discoveries in biology, neuroscience, quantum physics.
I am convinced that it is necessary to pass by the "Medicine Diseases" to "Medicine of Healing."
Each of us has an unlimited potential for healing that is both individual and universal.
Many large in the past have argued that there is no disease incurabile.Questo is also true for cancer, as a story in the book that gathers twenty-seven recoveries (see button in the Health and advice - Cancer ). We can now tap into resources that never before been available on such a large scale.
The first prerequisite for healing, for any problem, it is the intimate conviction that we can heal.
Who cares, who cares, has the task of helping the person who has a problem to mobilize its resources to healing.
We have today, really, so many opportunities.

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